Huckleberry Finn has added a third dimension to its web site... The Alliance for Breast Cancer Awareness in Women & Men... to fill a void uncovered by graduate students in the School of Communication course in the College of Communication and Information at The Florida State University. The class conducted extensive research on attitudes and awareness on the subject, coming up with surprising results, and an interesting conclusion that will change the way the category is marketed. (For details, click here.)

Huckleberry Finn Tomorrow has not lost its initial focus as a strategic branding consultancy, designed around Integrated Corporate and Marketing Communications and account planning, a relatively new and now accepted research technique. Each is designed to address the demands of people who want bleeding edge solutions that cut through the noise level of competition, making them One-of-One. The two partners have years of experience with Blue Chip corporations, arguably the most creative advertising agencies ever, entrepreneurial upstarts, and everything in between.

An additional component to the entity is the One-On-One Mentoring Boot Camp for those entering the world of communications. The core of the process is a strategic, customized plan for each individual that is very similar to a product introduction, in this instance you, as the most important asset of any organization. It’s designed to jump start your career. The Boot Camp is an on-going process, and doesn't end when you get the elusive position. Some of the "stars" we have mentored are still in direct contact with us. (See Success Stories under Mentoring for That Elusive Job.)

And, for those who are recruiting IMC candidates for your organization, Huckleberry Finn Tomorrow will assist you in finding the very best available talent, beginning right here in our back yard from Florida State University, where there is one of the best graduate programs in the country, offering a masters in the subject, as well as account planning and Hispanic marketing communications.

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